Thursday, May 10, 2007

Look at the new toy....
my toshiba libretto 70CT

Arrived in the post today. The Toshiba Libretto 70CT notebook.
Measuring a minuscule 21cm x 12cm about the size of one of those antique VHS tapes.
A fully functioning PC, running Windows 98, with a mammoth 1.6Gb of hard disk. The down side is that it's only input medium is a PC card external floppy disk.
(I'll have to actually get hold of a floppy disk now!)
I'll be trying, over the next few days to get it to talk to the school network via the bundled PC card network adaptor and will be looking for a PC card USB port converter to allow me to use flash drives to move data and install stuff.
It's a beautiful piece of kit, nearly 10 years old and picked up for a song online.

I've been after something to use as a mini mobile computer for a long time. The palmtop with it's portable keyboard is very good, particularly as it gives me a good size keyboard, but the screen size of my Palm E2 doesn't let me write as easily as I'd want to.
So now I have absolutely no excuse and can write anywhere I want to.

But for the time being, I'll just sit and stare lovingly at it like I have been for a little while. How very sad.

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  1. Mine came to my three days ago.Jusz replaced original disk with 30GB from IBM and reinstaled Windows in more civilised version.
    Ah, long hour spended on the toilet wont be the same anymore..