Friday, May 11, 2007

Thoughts on the Libretto, and on software......

Having the Libretto has made me seriously think about the software I'm using.

I've been thinking about this for a little while. Just the other day I had such a bad time with IE7 that I've started using the Opera web browser at school for my own browsing.
I've downloaded to have a look at and as soon as I get a moment I'm planning on using one of the old defunct machines running Windows ME to install and test the Linux operating system.

The Libretto has Windows 98, but it also has a version of

For a few years I've been deliberately using as much freeware and shareware as possible. It's very easy when you're looking for all the utilities you need:
Anti Virus: AVG
Firewall: Zonealarm
Numerous audio and video players, tune up software and lots, lots more.
And it's all there costing me nothing.
I'm currently running IE 7, Outlook Express 6 and MS Office 2003.
But at some point in the future I can see myself going to the free versions.
Going Microsoft free is appealing.

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