Sunday, May 27, 2007

More of Molly's Comic reading......

Following on from her successful appearance as a reviewer on the FPI blog, Molly is really enjoying her comics now.
Every Thursday we're down at the newsagents for her Beano.
She's still reading through her Simpson's graphic novels that she got in York.
And yesterday she went to Pocklington library and came back with a couple of Buffy graphic novels (think I'll have to read those with her!) and a Fantastic Four history thing.
Plus her regular nighttime dose of Calvin & Hobbes.

I think she's a fan, and even better, I honestly think she'll keep reading as she gets older.
Now to work on her music more. Today she was dancing around her room to Disney tunes. We've got the love of music instilled nicely, now to manipulate what she listens to......

link to her reviews on the FPI blog here
copy on Fictions here, or just under this post if you're on the main page.
pictures of her enjoying her fee here

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