Friday, May 04, 2007

Molly's latest reading ...... The Beano.

She saw it in the local Sainsburys the other week and asked for it. We've always made a point about not restricting what she reads and would always much rather she bought a magazine or comic or book as a treat than sweets or toys. But usually the magazine is wanted more for the toy on the front than the actual content of the magazine itself. So when she wanted the Beano, with no toy attached how could I say no.

And the great news is that she really enjoys it.
So much so that we bought the latest one yesterday. It now looks like we;ll be getting the Pocklington Post and the new Beano every Thursday.
Wonderful. There's something very nostalgically warm and fuzzy about picking up a comic every week. Makes me remember all those trips to newsagent to pick up whatever I was reading at the time.
Whether it was Beano, Whizzer & Chips, Dr Who, Spider-Man, Hulk, Star Wars or later on; Rampage, Daredevils, Mighty World of Marvel or Captain Britain, the thrill was always the same.
And now I get to share that over again.
I am very lucky indeed.

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