Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mr Bean's holiday at Pocklington Art's Centre
crap film, lovely venue

Mr Bean's Holiday.
Last Thursday Louise, Richard and Molly took the long trip (about 200 feet door to door) to Pocklington Art's Centre to watch Mr Bean's Holiday.
I wish my first trip to the art's centre would be something better, something more literate or something more rock and bloody roll, but instead it's Mr bloody Bean.

The film itself is crap. Not completely awful, there's at least 20 minutes of moderately funny stuff going on there. But not much more.
Molly, bless her, really enjoyed it.

Pocklington Art's Centre however, is a wonderful building.
Owned since 2000 by Pocklington Town Council, it's the jewel in our crown. It used to be the town cinema but fell into misuse before being refurbed and made good for the Millenium.
We don't get first run films generally, but most films make it out to us within a month or so. Coming up next it's Meet The Robinsons.
(Maybe one day I might actually go and see a grown up film again.)

Hell, maybe one day I might even get to see a gig there.
They do book fairly good acts but it's very much trying to appeal as broadly as possible to maximise the audience.
Although it shouldn't really be a problem. The art's centre holds 200 people. It's a beautiful but tiny venue and the audience and artist are almost in each other's pockets. For those of you living in Birmingham it's very similar to the Glee Club mixed with the vibe of the Electric Cinema.

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