Thursday, May 24, 2007

People of Britain - Recycle More or else says Government
Corporations of Britain - carry on however you like. Don't worry about us, says Government

Oh for fuck's sake.
So let me get this right.......
Today we were told by the government that we may have to cope with changes in the frequency and type of bin collections and the possibility of extra charges for non-recycling households.
Obviously they're talking about the possibilities of changing the collections to every two weeks

(This would not be a bad thing for us here - the bin's usually half full or less since we got here, we recycle more and more and buy less and less aggressively packaged foods. We have a smelly bin for non-recyclable foods outside and the wheelie bin in the garage has a lid so no smells from that either)

But what is the most annoying thing about it?
Well, household waster makes up a stunning 10% of waste that goes to landfill
(sorry, but that's just in my head somewhere, it's to late to check it. If I'm wrong let me know)
The other 90% is commercial and industrial. And we all know how hard government likes to crack down on big business don't we?

It's the staggeringly straight faced attitude of the government that annoys me. The way they come across all strict school master when telling off the proles, but then turn into this simpering, love-struck teenager when talking to big business. Horrible.

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