Friday, May 04, 2007

Things that make you go "oh, how sweet".....

Home early today. Meant to finish at 1 every Friday, but rarely get out in time. But luckily, everything fell into place today and I was out at five past.

Which means I was home early enough to get the hoover out before picking Molly up from school. And what do I see when I roll it into her room.....

That's Owly and Wormy tucked up nice and tight in her triple bunk bed. And yes, the triple bunk bed is a chrome finish vegetable rack from Argos.
She used to have a Baby Born travel cot thing, but that was huge and in a room as small as Molly's old one and with a Daddy as obsessive about space as me, that was always going to be a problem.
Whereas the vegetable rack was space saving and cheaper.

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  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    This is sooo cute. I love Owly myself but this is a cute one... :)