Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back to Birmingham ........

We all headed back to Birmingham this week to go visiting and have a bit of a holiday.

Although strangely enough, living in Yorkshire feels like a holiday and being in Birmingham still feels like everyday life. The noise, dear god, the noise. That gets worse and worse every time we come back to see the place. I'm assuming it's our reaction to the noise that's increasing. The alternative is of course possible; that Birmingham is actually getting louder.And it's not just the noise, it's the people

Of course, seeing as we were in Birmingham, I visited Nostalgia & Comics for the latest in comic delights and discovered that almost nothing I'd been after had come out. There is Fell to look forward to and lots of things that weren't on the Wants List have found their way into the review pile.

Still very strange being in Nostalgia as a customer rather than staff. It's lovely to see everyone I used to work with but there's a slightly unreal feeling about the place, looking around the shelves and not really recognising them as something I had a hand in once. So every time I go into the place I grew up in and worked in week in, week out for most of my life I feel a sense of sadness that I'm no longer involved.And that sense of loss, sadness and isolation merely gets worse whenever I sit down and think about it like I am now.

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