Saturday, June 02, 2007

Moan moan, big city, whinge, moan.

Things I noticed in Birmingham as I was walking around the other day:

People don't seem capable of thanking you for holding the bloody door open. I lost count of the number of times I stood there shouting "THANK YOU" after someone's rapidly dissapearing back. One day, soon probably, someone'sgoing to turn round and punch me rather than either ignoring me or looking sheepish.

I really can do without teenagers walking around shouting to their mates across the road when I'm walking right next to them. Pocklington teens are loud but they just wouldn't scream abuse right next to your ear.

The noise, oh god, the noise. It's practically deafening everywhere we walked; traffic, people, the steady throng everywhere.

The heat of the shops. Horrible.

Oh God, I have turned into moaning country type. Shoot me now.

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  1. Oh dear, you'll be on the next Countryside Alliance march telling us Townies we don't understand rural affairs :-) Contrarywise I get annoyed with these damned country bumpkins coming into my city and getting in everyone's way as they stand in slack-jawed amazement gazing up at tall buildings and looking suspiciously at escalators...

    (actually I once saw a true case of the latter in Glasgow years back, two old dears from the Western Isles who really weren't sure about those escalators at all, walking all round it to see where the steps went).

    Your sophisticated urban chum (not that Edinburgh is big anyway in city terms, so probably more liveable).