Monday, June 25, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, we might be underwater......

Yesterday it rained,last night it rained, today it pissed it down.
It's still raining.
Got a call at 1 o'clock from Molly's school, can I come and fetch her as they've flooded and all the children are at the junior school up the road.
Tried to park near school, totally inaccesible. Ended up having to park car at home, put on the walking boots and walk.
The town centre is like a biblical event in miniature.
The high street is a river. I crossed it and the water was over a foot deep. Made it to Molly's school okay, but because of where it is, they' be under about 4 feet of water at some points of the place. Looks like Molly will be coming to school with me tomorrow, If we can make it out of town that is. And even as I left work the waters were rising there as well.

On the way back it had gotten even worse and we had to come back to the house taking a round Pocklington detour to avoid the worst of it.
It looks like the Beck has burst it's banks and the run off is going straight through the middle of the town.
Pumps, sandbags and lots of very wet people are around right now.
At the moment Bruton mansions is okay, but the water's still rising and coming towards us up Regent Street and we're about 100ft away from it's edge right now.
And it's still raining.

Photos later no doubt.

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