Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 days to go at school, so why didn't I get anything done on the huge to-do list today?

See this post

Or actually, see this bit of that post:
Yes, I had a pissy day at work today, why do you ask?
Today I realised that what I observed at Lordswood with the ICT technician there is true of all schools. Once the network is okay, once the computers are okay, the main thing that gets seriously fucked up is the printers.

Why the printers?
Because the teachers like to print.
Because the teachers have no patience with the printers.
Because the printers have little coloured buttons on them.
Because teachers like to press little coloured buttons over and over.
Pressy, press,pressy,pressy,pressy,press,pressy,pressy,press,pressy,press.

Then they call me.

Today was, yet again, lets fuck up the printers day.
Someone tried to print double sided on an inkjet, mucking up all the rollers and meaning I had to spend ages cleaning it.
Someone else decided to change the print cartridge and did a piss poor job of it. We now have a printer going to the service place and the spare old printer in it's place.
Amazing how something like two printers can steal 4 hours isn't it. By the time I'd cleaned off the first one. Sorted out the service call, installed the spare, reset all the network computers to talk to it and generally messed around I'd said goodbye to most of the day.

So now I have just 4 days left to get at least a months worth of stuff done.
Part of me knows I should just leave it.
But a big part of me is loving the job so much I can't let go of it.
Which is why I've just spent an hour plus sorting some of the paperwork out that I was going to do today. Arse. Arse. Arse.

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  1. Oh Rich, I know your pain.

    Have an interview at Holly Lodge tomorrow for another ICT post within a school so I may be back on the front lines of this problem again soon.