Wednesday, July 18, 2007

but my final week is turning into a farce of Hollywood proportions....

Final week of term.
Three days to go.
& what did I achieve today?
what did I get done off my huge To-Do list?

Absolutely nothing.

Actually, that's not exactly true. I actually managed to get some teaching in - databases with Year 3 and Controlling Devices with Year 5 plus a break duty on KS2 playground.
But after that I managed to put myself back to where I was on Tuesday lunchtime.
Arse, arse, arse.
The plan was to update the network software, move the year groups onto the next lot of networked software and input the new starters for September.
But after inputing years 6 back to year 1, which took yesterday afternoon and today from break, I realised at 2pm that year 1 just wasn't updating.then I looked at the rest and bloody hell, they had only updated on the machine I was doing the work on and a couple of other machines.
Someone, me? the old ICT Tech? the ICT co-ordinator? or a combination of all of us had messed up the network install of the software.
So, guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

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