Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Molly's final week at school is going well......

It's Molly's last week in Year 3 at her school.
Of course, that doesn't really mean that much since next year in Year 4 she'll have exactly the same teacher, in exactly the same classroom. This shared class thing in small schools takes some getting used to.

So far we've had a Samba and Dancing concert at Woldgate School on Monday & the school play on Tuesday.

The Samba event was always going to be a little shit to be honest.
For starters it was meant to be on the Monday after the floods. It was rescheduled, but few of the schools managed to get any more practice in. So with that in mind they all did very well.
But it was a Samba drumming and samba dance concert for God's sake, done by children.
What do you think it was like?

Plus there's the added tension of watching your own child perform. It's impossible to actually sit back and enjoy the performance. There's always some bit of you praying she doesn't fall over, fall off the stage, collide with everyone else on stage and start crying. Luckily she didn't, it all went very well.
But an evening of samba music and dance. Oh God help me.

Then we had the school play....
Hoodwinked. A musical version of Robin Hood. Performed at Pocklington art's centre. Really good fun to watch them perform on a big stage with proper lighting and sound.
And it was good. Or at least as good as school play's get.
You all know what I mean.

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