Monday, July 02, 2007

Current music obsessions............
High School Musical, Kate Nash and My Chemical Romance

Had a strange week musically last week, dominated by three songs:

First there's High School Musical - We're all in this together. No surprise really that this has burrowed it's way into my brain since Molly's demanded it played every single day on the way to and from my school. Not great.

But then we have choice two on the mental jukebox: Kate Nash - Foundations.
It's easy to dismiss her as Lily Allen meets Katherine Tate, but I absolutely love this song. Everything about it makes me want to burst into song. It's terribly sad, has a haunting, lifting background orchestration that builds to a melodic crescendo. Brilliant.

And finally the new My Chemical Romance song - Teenagers.
When I first heard this on the radio I though I was listening to some strange 70s tune. But it really does grow and grow and grow. To the extent that I'm seriously considering getting the bloody album. Of course, first I have to buy one of those white fringed black soldiers jackets.
Fuck off, you know I'd look gorgeous.

And finally, finally. Today was the day the new Polyphonic Spree cd The Fragile Army dropped through the letterbox. I shall be gushing about it tomorrow.

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