Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Thursday night last week, Louise and I were putting the garage back in place.
As will surprise absolutely no-one who knows me, the garage is a beautifully organised example of getting the most storage out of the smallest space.

In theory, we've got a big garage. Of course, that assumes we'll never put the car into it. In practice, I like to put the car away occasionally.
(Although I can't actually remember the last time I did. Maybe Good Friday?)

So because I like to have 2/3 of the garage empty just in case I want to put the car away, the remaining 1/3, which acts as our larder, storage for cleaning stuff, household stuff and lots of outdoor stuff as well as the place to put the tumble dryer and fridge freezer.

So this means that it needs to have my spectacularly well developed organisation skills (or, as I believe members of staff at Nostalgia & Comics would say; his completely anal obsession with tidiness).

And this meant that the final job after glueing the garage over the week was to put everything back. Earlier in the day Molly and I had popped into Pocklington and I picked up a charity shop £1 special of Erasure's Pop: The First 20 Hits.
Again, in a not surprising reveal for those that know me, Louise kept smirking and sighing and eventually holding her head in her hands as Richard kept dancing round the garage in his gayest way proclaiming with every song .... "Ooooh, I loved this. I can remember this when it came out" (To which the obvious thing to come back with is ..... "And when exactly did you come out then?"

Louise still maintains there are times when I do this whole heterosexual husband and father thing as an elaborate beard-type exercise. Prancing round to Andy Bell probably hasn't changed her opinion.

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