Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neil "Scary Trousers" Gaiman .....

Comics Alliance reports on the recent Neil Gaiman panel at the San Diego Con.

This was the best bit:
Showing the crowd a couple of t-shirts which were unveiled at the Con this year, one an Anansi Boys design, and the other a portrait of L'il Neil by Kendra Stout bearing the title "Scary Trousers." Realizing that many in the crowd might be unfamiliar with that particular appellation, Neil told of a dinner he once had with Alan Moore, explaining that "dinner with Alan Moore is always interesting." During this particular meal, which took place while he was still writing From Hell, Moore explained over dinner to his companion –in gruesome detail– one of the book's gorier scenes. Gaiman admits to having become so green around the gills that he needed to excuse himself and escape outside for some fresh air. Upon his return to the dinner table, Moore remarked, "well, well, well ... Neil 'Scary Trousers' Gaiman, master of modern horror."

Oh, you can just hear Moore's voice saying that. Very funny.
(Or you can go here and see Neil telling it.)

The image is Maddy Gaiman modeling one of the T-shirts. Available here.

Maddy has been guest blogging at Neil Gaiman's journal recently. Always an interesting read.

For example, Neil recently gave us details of his co-presenting gig for a couple of awards at the SanDiego ComicCon with Jonathan Ross:
So yesterday night, on that stage, in front of thousands of comics fans and professionals, I got an Eisner, the Bob Clampett Humanitarian award and was snogged by Jonathan Ross.

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