Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter. This midnight thing seemed like a good idea months ago....

When it was announced that the new Harry Potter book was going to be released on the last day of term at midnight it seemed like a really good idea to suggest to Molly that we go along to pick up our copy at the midnight opening.

Of course,seeing as it was the last day of term, non-uniform day, take a toy day, shit she's got a cold and a temperature day, has been up since 6:30am day, suddenly as we come into the 17th hour of her being awake it isn't seeming like the greatest idea anymore.

I've excused myself for a few minutes to write this before going out at 11:30 to get to the bookshop early. They've invited the local falconary centre along so we're going to have owls at the midnight opening.

We poppped in earlier to pay for our book. I'm happy to say I'm paying £12.99 for my copy of Harry potter from a real bookshop rather than less than a fiver from a bloody supermarket..
I was chatting to the owner of the bookshop when we went in and she was telling me all sorts of stories; It's the highest sellling series of books but actually has the worst profit of any series. It would actually be cheaper for her to go to Asda and buy copies at £5 to sell in her shop than it is to get them wholesale. Insane.

But I wanted to buy ours from Pocklington's own bookshop; Simply Books because it's important to keep places like this in business.

Times up.
Molly's beginning to get very, very excited again now. She's gone through crabby, sleepy, cuddly, moody and is now on bouncy. It's like some alternative seven dwarves audition thing in our lounge.

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