Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our midnight visit to Diagon Alley......

Our local bookshop, Simply Books, had it's own Harry Potter event last night.
It's conveniently situated in a little back alley, and at half 11 last night as we rounded the corner this was the crowd:

Lots of people dressed up and Owls from the local Falconry centre. A fantastic sight. The half hour wait for the book to go on sale was loads of fun. Molly got to stroke the Owls, the staff from the bookshop had lots of sweets passing round and everyone was in a great mood.

Then the time came to get the books and 200 plus people slowly filed into the (very) small bookshop. Molly was clutching hers all the way home.

Of course, we had to open the book as soon as we got home. This was at 1am, the latest Molly has ever been up before. We lasted 5 pages before she was flat out.
What a lovely night. But at 600+ pages we'll be reading this one for many nights to come.

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