Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Swamped, or the story of the never ending to-do list....

Yes, that lovely feeling of being swamped.

Why does it never go away!!!!!
I'm a sad individual who's life is ruled by to-do lists.
And since before having Molly there's never been a day where I shouldn't be ding SOMETHING!

At the moment there are two to do lists; home and school
School is laughably long - filling a sheet of A4 and never getting any shorter.

Home is shorter - at the moment it reads:
Doom Patrol, Paul Pope, Fell - all reviews to finish
Paul Grist questions for an interview.
Decorator (to organise for summer holidays)
Builder (because now our window has sprung a bloody leak)
Broadband (because summer is time to get broadband sorted - say goodbye to dial up - I shall join the modern world of the 20th Century).
Garage (because I'm also going to be sealing the garage walls and floor with a glue mix that dearest daddy suggested. Thanks a bloody lot Dad, I was perfectly happy with the bloody garage until you pointed out that it was a bit dusty and sealing the walls would sort that!!!)

And tomorrow there shall be more I'm sure.

The annoying thing is that I know it will never be clear and there are time's, like now, where I feel like a rat in a spinning wheel, justgoing round and round and round getting nowhere.

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  1. The punishment of Sisyphus, never ending :-)