Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today. Daddy made me do hard labour....

How did you spend day 2 of your summer holidays Molly?

I spent some of it traipsing up to Woldgate College to sort out daddy's forms for his course starting in September.
Then I got to go with daddy to get the car washed.
Then I spent a little while traipsing round Pocklington getting DIY stuff with daddy.
Then I got to buy stuff on the market, so at least something was good today.
Then I got to play swingball on my own while daddy cleaned the inside of the car.
(He says it's his service tomorrow and if you give them a lovely clean and polished car they look after it better. I think he's bonkers. All workmen, mechanics or not, don't care about your stuff at all. I'm 7 and even I know that. But I humour him.)
Then, joy of joys, he ropes me into painting the walls of the garage with PVA glue - yes, the stuff I use in art lessons - to stop the garage getting so dusty.
Oh, today was just great.
Tomorrow, we're doing more gluing the walls. I look forward to it greatly.

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