Monday, July 23, 2007

The waiting for workmen game ......

Today was first day proper of our holidays.
So Molly and I celebrated this fact by waiting in for all the deliveries and workmen we'd arranged for today:
Oven Cleaner company - Louise wants her oven nice and sparkly.
Marks & Spencer's Furniture technician - to fix the tears in the seams of the new sofa.
Washing Machine man - because ours broke on Saturday.

So we spent pretty much all morning and most of the afternoon just hanging around waiting, either for men to arrive or men to go.

But surprisingly, considering how little I did today, I'm hideously tired and am actually going to bed early. Although I feel the tiredness may be due to me staying up till 4am Saturday and Sunday night to read Harry Potter.
But more on that when I'm awake.

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