Friday, August 17, 2007

Benefits of Broadband part 1 (probably of 1): Radio 4

For years and years I've always said I should listen to more Radio 4. I know I should listen to Radio 4 more, I always mean to, but it's no good trying to listen to it at work; too many distractions to concentrate. And then I often find that the night schedule is, to be frank, often a touch crap.

But now I have broadband.
Now I can use the wonderful listen again function.

Today I caught the latest edition of Chain Reaction with Mark Thomas interviewing Alexi Sayle.
Then two episodes of the Now Show
Later Charm Offensive
So much radio, so little time ........


  1. I've listened to more radio since broadband came in than at any time since I was a teenager - the listen again archive is a real boon, as you say. Have a dig on R4's archives, BTW, Mark Thomas did a great piece on how he ridiculed Blair's gagging orders to try and stop demonstrations around Whitehall and the House of Shame, think it was one of those that stays up longer than the usual 7 days limit, so may still be there.

    Also, if you haven't checked it yet, Melyvn Bragg's "In Our Time" series on R4 is quite excellent - different subject and panel of experts every week, from renaissance art to cosmology, all archived. And while you're at it BBC7 has some great classic comedy and has an SF section as well.

  2. I'd pretty much kept up with all the Mark Thomas stuff anyway - well worth a listen - Joe's quite right.
    I've also wasted several hours buggering about on YouTube over the last few nights watching Mark Thomas clips. Absolutely fantastic.

    Completely agree with Joe about In Our Time. Also Front Row with Mark Lawson is worth a listen and Loose Ends as well, although with certain reservations as it often seems to lose itself up it's own doo-dah.

    What I really want is a simple interface online with a good list of BBC radio programmes. I've had a look at Radio Times but it's an awful lot of effort to put in to set up.
    Any ideas?