Friday, August 17, 2007

Hunt Emerson on the Beano - yes, it does seem so wrong.
but strangely right as well....

Steve Flanagan posted this one first:

That's Hunt Emerson doing Little Plum in the latest Beano Max (Sept 2007) meeting the Kaiser Chiefs.
Like he says - strange to see Hunt in the Beano. Especially after years of seeing things like Citymouth or Firkin. But also very good.

Hunt links here, here, here

Update: Hunt Emerson on the FPI blog here.
Laura Howell, Hunt's inker/writer on his Ratz strip in the Beano has a lovely website here.


  1. Yeah, he's been doing the Beano for a while now, I recall posting on it a few months back on the FPI blog,with a page of his work from Ratz: And on a Hunt-related link, its worth sticking in a mention for Laura Howell who has been working with him on the Beano - she did a great 'strip a day spectacular' in January, posting a very different comic strip for each day of the month:

    Personally I'm still jazzed that Kenny got Hunt to do a cartoon ad for FPI with the webcrew as cartoon pirates - getting to be in a Hunt drawing? Yay!

  2. I'm a bad little blogger. All of the things Joe mentions should have been there in the post.

    Update time I feel!