Thursday, August 02, 2007

Broadband - welcome to this century Bruton mansions.....

It became something of a source of amusement to my friends and colleagues that here at Bruton mansions I was still on dial up internet access.

It was one of those things I always meant to do, but various things managed to get in the way.
And in truth, there really wasn't that much need to upgrade to broadband.
Everything I wanted to do online I could do (albeit slowly) through dial-up.
I had no desire to download huge chinks of music or movies.
Everything I did was fast enough, particularly given my habit of trying to do several things online at once. Usually by the time I did one thing, the other page had loaded. It worked well.

Now however, Molly has started using the internet more and it just seemed the right time to do it.
So as of tonight, the internet is going far too bloody fast and I'm having to change the working methods. Only one thing at a time since the pages whizz by so very fast.
In a few days time I'll probably be doing what everyone else does and be downloading the entire Cure and Kraftwerk bootleg live library from some dodgy Russian file sharer, trawling YouTube for mildly humouros videos and interviews with Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, et al
But not yet.

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