Friday, August 03, 2007

Miracleman 18 scans ......

Scans Daily has a complete scan of the great Gaiman / Buckingham short story Trends from Miracleman 18.
Essentially it looks at the cult of Kid Miracleman that has sprung up, a way of Gaiman looking at societies seemingly inexhaustible obsession with death.

I always contended that one of the really overlooked things about the Gaiman / Buckingham run on the series was Mark Buckingham's incredible job on the art. Every issue was deliberately diffrent in style and artistic approach. Issue 18 is deliberately done in a pure Beano / Dandy cartoon style that's an obvious homage to Leo Baxendale but particularly Ken Harrison, whose single page "The Riot Squad" in the current Beano is just fantastic (yes, Molly's still regularly reading her Beano). And then the artistic effect of changing style again in the very last page gives the story another level of meaning. Beautiful.

Miracleman (see here, here & here) & Zenith - what I would give for these to be reprinted. When oh when oh bloody when!!!

(via Dirk)

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