Sunday, August 12, 2007

Decorating Day something or other ..... I'm losing all track of time.

Hey presto, just a day after blogging about being so tired of decorating, we're at it again.
Today we had to prepare the Lounge for the assault tomorrow. You never realise how much crap you have hanging around until it's time to move all of it into the garage. It's all done now though, Molly's moaning about the lack of TV already and it hasn't even been packed away yet.

I've taken pictures and labelled the cables just so I put the sky and the dvd and video back properly.
generally, which is pretty useful given the nature of the job as an Another example of the dichotomy of my technological existence. Although I'm very techyICT Technician, I have an insane technophobia where it comes to my own technology. For example; I will cheerfully take apart and mess with other people's computers and experiment to my heart's content. But I'm very, very careful with anything I do with my own computer.

So the Sky cabling is just confusing as all hell to me. And I just know that if I were to just pull all the cables out and then put them all back in when we're finished with the painting there's no hope that the system would work.

One important decision we're facing on re-assembling the TV/Sky setup is whether to reconnect the video or not. The last time we used the video was over 3 months ago, and before that neither of us can remember. it's just that we don't really watch enough TV to warrant videoing anything. We either watch it at the time or wait until the oh so inevitable repeat.
So the video just sits there being all useless and taking up space. And you all know by now how I hate wasted space.

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