Sunday, August 12, 2007

Molly is now a young falconer.
Better than owning a pony.

Before sorting out the lounge for the decorator tomorrow, we spent the morning at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park at the Falconry Centre.
They run a Young Falconer's Club every Sunday morning. Molly had a lovely time, learning all about the birds and making new friends as she does so. In the weeks to come she'll be getting more and more hands on with the birds and it even extends as far as preparing their food, which involves gutting chicks for the birds, not something she's exactly keen on, probably not helped by me telling her it's no different from her eating sausages. At this rate we'll have a vegetarian child in a few years time, something Louise is absolutely dreading.

Of course, this means that at some point she's going to start banging on about wanting to buy a bird of prey. And whilst this may be a better and cheaper option than buying a pony, it's still not going to happen.

While Molly was off Falconing, Louise and I spent two hours having Coffee at the Lakeside cafe, watching the birds and the watersports in the glorious morning air.
Or rather, Louise sat reading and I spent half an hour downing coffee to wake up - 9:30!
On a Sunday. Not good.

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