Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh, what's wrong with me now?

Oh this is bloody fun:

Sometime over the last few days I started to get some numbness in the side of my face.
By 1am last night, the numbness was extending up my left side to my eye.

You try typing in "facial numbness, left side" to google.
I'm fully expecting to wake up tomorrow and look like a bad John Merrick impression.
Bell's Palsy is looking possible. Oh joy.
And that's just the nice, treatable side of this, there's far more things it could be.
Sometimes typing in symptoms to Google is just asking for a bad nights sleep.

Of course, it could be just some dumb viral thing......
doctors tomorrow.

Amazing how you get to a certain age and suddenly everything suddenly seems to have changed. I'm very aware of my own mortality and have become terribly concious of every little troublesome thing my body decides to bring forth.
Horrible getting old.

Update 30/08/07
Just to make it clear - it is not Bell's Palsy. Well, not yet. That was just one of the myriad possibilities, but was the best one for making a joke out of, so it got chosen.
Doctor this morning just set up blood tests.
Results on Tuesday.

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