Thursday, August 30, 2007

So what is wrong then?
Diary of the potential elephant man day 2

So, as I said as an update to the post yesterday about the facial numbness thing, it was the doctors visit today
Doctor seems unconcerned. Although I suppose that's to be expected.
Anyway, who wants a doctor who takes one look at you, sticks that light in your ear and screams in shock, then shouts unclean at you until you leave?
So it's off for blood tests tomorrow and back for doctor again next week.

Am I worried?
Of course. This is me for fucks sake. I worry the same way other people breathe.
Just a cursory look at the symptoms on google revealed it could be many, many nasty things. My favourites: MS, stroke, Bell's Palsy, Cancer.
Louise's favourite: viral illness. not a serious one.
This probably tells you more about our personalities than weeks of therapy would.

That's possibly my least favourite thing about getting older.
realising that you're suddenly mortal, fragile and have a body that is going to succumb to various things over the next (insert estimated lifespan here) years.
Of course, connected to this realisation for me is the certainty in my hideously stupid, obsessional brain that I'm going to get something nasty and potentially fatal.
Prime contenders for this include all the hereditary (or potentially hereditary) stuff the family has exhibited so far.
This includes: Alzheimers, Heart disease, Lung cancer, dodgy thyroid, crippling Arthritis, Gout, crap circulation, terrible skin, deafness.

Update 31st Aug 00:05: After a phone call to mom it seems both she and my maternal grandfather had Bell's Palsy.
Bloody lovely.
Sometimes the family illness history is more like a game of disease bingo.

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