Saturday, August 04, 2007

Reviewing and Gin ...... does it help?

I am on a roll. I am a reviewing machine.
Of course, this means that bedtime has slipped back to 3am or later.
But gin keeps me going.

For ages and ages and ages and ages I've had a long, long, long list of books I've read and needed to review for the reviewing gig at the FPI weblog .
It got so bad that I've had to impose a strict no reading comics policy just to get through some of the books to review without adding to the pile.

But now, after many nights of feverish work, only Fell remains. And I'm doing that tomorrow.
Of course what hasn't helped is that two of the reviews weren't really the usual sorts of review - (500-800 words). Originally I had intended to just review Paul Pope's Batman Year 100 and the latest volume of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol. But they sort of spiralled out of control to become either career retrospectives (Pope) or complete series reviews (Doom Patrol).

The other night I finished the Doom Patrol Grant Morrison retrospective.
3000+ words. Tonight I have just finished the Paul Pope thing (2500+ words).
Of course. I say finished.
With the amount of gin swilling around and the lateness of the hour it could be that I'll look over them in the cold, harsh, sober light of morning and realise that I've written thousands of words of complete rubbish.

(All together now: so, no difference to normal then.)

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