Friday, September 07, 2007

Just stopping to enjoy the life I have ..........

After a truly bloody awful week at work where everything seemed to go wrong it's time to relax for the weekend.
The server at school was fixed yesterday and today I got around to actually starting work proper. It's been genuinely lovely going round and being my usual self again, having fun with the children & generally enjoying myself.

But it was also important today to actually leave on time. For far too many weeks before summer I was spending extra time on a Friday afternoon trying to get lots of extra work done.
But this week it was necessary to leave early, simply because I really needed the time off. Far too often I'll just rush around trying to get everything done, whether it's home stuff, blogging, reviewing, looking at Teaching Assistant books for the forthcoming course, extra school work prep or even looking at the networking books again - this week at work has made it perfectly clear that I need to get more knowledge.

I got home, left the car and had a delightful walk around town in the glorious afternoon sunshine. It's nice just to be able to relax and unwind every so often and forget everything on the to do list. Pure wind down time. Ice-cream on the high street, gentle walk home and coffee in the garden. It felt great and nice to remember every so often that we moved up here for a reason.

No doubt in a few hours I'll be stressed again, but for now, I'm content.

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