Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to school ......

Last night, when I started this post I wrote this:

Usually at this time of year, I post about how horrible it's been going back to school, how fed up I feel, how I really need to get another job etc, etc.
Take for example these posts from 2006.

But not this year. Back in today after the holidays and everything is wonderful. Really looking forward to seeing the kids again on Wednesday. Molly's with me this week as well, as her school isn't opening until next week to finally get all the flood repairs sorted. It's been a very good day.

Oh, the bitter irony.
Today was a disaster. Absolutely the worst day I've ever had in work.
Server had a power cut for an hour and a half last night and the ups couldn't cope with it. Turned the machines on this morning and no network recognised at all.
This is, of course, the one thing I'd always dreaded. No matter how good I am at the pupil and teaching ICT side, no matter how good I am at making the teacher's lives easier with the extra work or the fixing of pcs and printers so they can just get on with the jobof teaching, it all comes to nothing when the entire nwetwork is not working.
4 hours later, the east riding ict team decided that the network was okay, but there was a serious server problem. Which they don't deal with.
And no matter how many times I opened the server up, no matter how many times I looked at the event logs, it still felt like I was trying to read Russian.

So tonight I just feel rubbish. It feels just like I can't actually do the job and there's very little point me being there. Not a nice feeling.
We'll have to get another tech in to have a look at it.
In one way I'm hoping the power cut or spike did some damage, so that my incompetance doesn't matter, but it's probably something relatively minor, seeing as the server's still on and running and the network is still active - just not working properly.
But even if it does prove to be completely beyond anyone's control I'll still feel like I've completely failed.
Not nice at all.

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