Monday, September 03, 2007

Nostalgia & Comics : 30 years of the greatest comic shop.

Nostalgia & Comics is 30 years old in 2007.

I did honestly mean to blog about this earlier, but time and blogging waits for no man after all.
But I've had the link and this post sat on the hard drive for ages. About time I got around to posting it really.

As most of you know I spent many, many happy hours at the shop, from July 1987 to September 2006. 19 years. Not the longest serving member of staff - that one goes to Dave Hopkins, manager extraordinaire for 24 years, but certainly the longest serving Saturday boy.
I've waffled on about how much the place means to me, even now, nearly a year after leaving, so I wont repeat it. Here's the first post of Nostalgia & Comics & Me instead.

So Happy Birthday Nostalgia & Comics. Here's to many, many more.

Dave Hopkins & David Dearn, who honestly do many other things
besides propping up shelves and reading the stock.


  1. Ah Nostalgia & Comics. Been there a few times.
    Lovely experience.

    Did you sell me my DR & Quinch?

    These days my local Forbidden planet feels like a toy shop (i'm just waiting for them to move the comics into the basement)

  2. Hi
    Could have been me.

    Sadly most comic shops seem to be looking at the comics as an added extra.
    There are a few who are trying to be different.
    Nostalgia & Comics is just my favourite.

    Just been onto your blog and then realised who you were. Remember your Gone graphic novel fondly. thanks for the great read.