Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pouring vitriol on the keyboard....

Notice the description of the blog has changed again.
It comes from an email sent by the lovely Mr Dave Hopkins, boss at Nostalgia & Comics as seen here in the Evening Mail.

According to Dave, talking about the recent I hate Diana and all the shit that goes with her post:
"more that I am surprised at the amount of vitriol that pours out of your keyboard at the mention of that poor young lady who died such a tragic early death…you always seemed such a quiet young man when you worked at the shop"

And I liked the idea of me throwing vitriol at the keyboard so much it has become the blog description for the month. Cheers Dave.

  • Related: Lovely Guardian article on the idolisation of Diana by Peter Singer here.


  1. Dont worry your not the only one who was spitting venom at the mere mention of Princess Diana, I was too:)
    I knew there was a reason I always liked to see you in a "mentory" light when I was at the shop:)

  2. Plus lets not forget that it was Diana who ruined a perfectly good comic-con at the shop with her funeral!