Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ikea-d out.
but before retiring to bed .... Have we all finished bleating about Princess Bloody Diana yet?

Very tired today.
Busy day of holiday and then all three of us met up for an Ikea trip, complete with all the horror and carnage that can entail.

But before crawling into bed, Louise and I were talking about the whole emotional masturbation that's been washing over the world's media today.
Yes, it's 10 years since a media obsessed, emotionally damaged, mother of two with a habit for dodgy men and a fondness for a photogenic charity cause died.
But I really don't care.

One thing that we always wonder about the yahoos who insist on commemorating her memory by flowers and travelling to her grave etc. This is something Louise first brought up on seeing the hideous sight of the mass hysteria surrounding the funeral:
Do you not think, if these idiots really wanted to remember Diana, they should take the money they were going to spend on flowers and train fare to the capital and actually try helping one of the charities she supported.
Surely, if she was the paragon of virtue and goodness you all make her out to be, she'd rather you all did this and actually saved some lives. Look at the flowers, how many lives could you have saved?
Or perhaps you'd all rather have a good selfish cry to make yourselves feel validated by your grief?

Diana funerals and Big Brother finales on the same day.
The brain dead and the emotionally incompetent - you all deserve each other.

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