Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Prestige - Richard watched a movie!

Every so often a movie comes along that I simply fall for, hook, line and sinker.
Over the last few years several films have fallen into this category:
Shaun of the Dead, A life Less Ordinary, Moulin Rouge, Vanilla Sky, Fifth Element, The Matrix, Grosse Point Blank, Run Lola Run, Memento & Natural Born Killers are some of the ones I can easily remember.
They share neither style or subject.
All of them just happen to be recent, probably because my Amazon rental list is populated by recent movies I've missed rather than classics I should really get around to watching.

The Prestige just got itself added to the list. It's just one of those wonderful films
From the opening scene to the final reveal I was hooked. Absolutely hooked.
Now whether it's going to survive repeated viewings I have no idea. After all, only repeated viewings can prove that one. But it's a marvelous film, full of all the great touches and interesting reveals I love.

Horrible movie poster though.
Aren't movie posters meant to actually sell a movie to you?

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