Sunday, September 16, 2007

Radio 1 is 40 years old.
Legends to guest DJ ....... Legends?

Radio 1 is 40 years old this year and to celebrate their getting 4 legends to take part as guest DJs on the station.
Spot the odd ones out in this list......

Monday 17th: Paul McCartney
Tuesday 18th: Dave Grohl
Wednesday 19th: Gwen Stefani
Thursday 20th: Paul Weller
Friday 21st: Paul Oakenfold
Monday 24th: Noel Gallagher
Tuesday 25th: Debbie Harry
Wednesday 26th: Arctic Monkeys
Thursday 27th: Ozzy Osborne
Friday 28th: Fatboy Slim

Excuse me? Gwen bloody Stefani? The Arctic fucking Monkeys? Legends?
Fatboy Slim, Noel Gallagher and Paul Oakenfold are dubious enough but some little pop-ska diva and a band only just out of bloody nappies?
It appears it's taken just 40 years for senility to creep in there.

Even sadder is the Keeping it Peel show they've tacked on to the end of the days programming on Sunday 30th September. It just highlight how much he's still missed.
I'm currently making my way through a dvd of Peel Shows that was given to me by Gary at John Peel Everyday. But time and time again, when I'm listening to a show, it strikes me that we who were able to hear Peel in our lifetimes were so very lucky.
This feeling is only hightened by the occasional times I try to listen to night time Radio 1 nowadays. Horrible shouty shouty shitheads.

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