Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sniffle snuffle sniff sniff ........ but still a good day despite destroying the school website.

Cold trying it's best to erupt into my sinuses.
I'm beating it back by overdosing on Olbas Oil. Just to give you an idea I had a quick look around the house and realised that I've got 7 bottle of the stuff: car, kitchen, medicine box, office and 3 in the bedroom. I keep those people in business.

So I walked into school this morning feeling a bit shit.
Obviously I looked far, far worse. The head came after me and almost ordered me to go home. But I knew that if I did I'd just sink into illness. Far better to stay in school and spread the joy around, drown in Olbas and Coffee and keep myself busy.

And busy I was.
But in my brain addled state it probably wasn't the best idea to start tinkering around with the school website.
I had a little play with the template and managed to completely fuck up all the formatting.
But it's really not my fault the things based on a terrible template which drops formatting in and out seemingly at whim.
And who had the bright idea of making you save changes to something before you can preview the changes? A call to council IT services who administer the website tomorrow I think!

But despite that it was a good day.
Maybe the Olbas is an upper?

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