Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still feeling shit. Blogging to suffer.

Man flu still laying me low.
Although I have to defend myself over this. Despite moaning about how bad I feel for a few days now, I would like it known that I'm not one to let a cold lay me low.
My days at the moment go something like this:
Wake at 7am. Feel shit. Blow endless amounts of rubbish out of nose. Inhale Olbas oil till my nose feels like it's on fire. Collapse back in bed.
Wake up again at 7:30am. Repeat 7am routine.
Wake up again 7:45am. Repeat and get out of bed. Struggle through breakfast and getting myself and Molly ready.
Drop Molly off at school, go into my school for 9am.
9am to 10am: Feel really bad. Garner suympathy and kudos for even being there. Get through toilet roll on nose and inhale Olbas like a junkie.
10am through 3:30pm: Get slowly better as I get more and more caught up in the business of the day.
3:30pm - 6pm: Pick up Molly and do housy stuff. Collapse into sofa and sink into near unconsciousness.
9pm: Start regaining some basic function after Molly bathed and bedded.
11pm: Start feeling better.
1am: Really on a roll now.
2am: Reluctantly get to bed.

Even in illness, my body still insists on maintaining it's crap timekeeping.
Ho Hum.

Tomorrow I promise I will not mention the cold. It's getting boring for me, so god knows what it's like for you all out there.

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