Sunday, September 09, 2007

Your televisual viewing this week:

This week sees the start of the Comics Britannia season on BBC4. It's looking like the programmes will be everything you always hoped for; reasoned, informative and interesting documentaries on comics, rather than an extended series of cheap Biff, Bang, Pow gags.

I am of course too lazy, tired and behind schedule to get my arse in gear and work out when everything is on and tell you, but luckily I can use this thingy called the internet and get someone else to do it for me.

Thanks to Padraig for this:

Monday 10th - Comics Britannia:
BBC Four 21:00-22:00 60mins
1/3: The Fun Factory. Concentrating on the work of comic geniuses such as Leo Baxendale, programme one takes us from the launch of The Dandy through to the comics of the mid-1960s to examine how the anarchic humour of these cheap, colourful publications enchanted an entire generation.

Weds 12th - Tintin and Me:
BBC Four, 20:00-21:00 60min
A look at Hergé and his comic creation, Tintin, based on archive audio footage of interviews with Hergé combined with comic book images and reconstructions.

Sun 16th - In Search of Steve Ditko:
BBC Four, 21:00-22:00 60mins
Jonathan Ross goes in search of the reclusive Steve Ditko, to tell the story of comic book artist and writer best known as the co-creator of Spider-Man.

Sun 16th - My Name is Modesty:
BBC Four, 22:00-23:15 75mins
The story of the early years of the classic comic strip hero, the world's most lethal female secret agent, Modesty Blaise. [2003]

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