Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Birmingham Comic Show 2007 Part 5
Meet the pros....

I did the tour, chatted to old and new friends, talked to the artists and writers, took photos, bought way too much stuff and generally had a good time.
Of those I saw it was nice chatting to the Phonogram boys, although I'm still owed a drink from them by my reckoning.

Jamie McKelvie - One half of the Phonogram team.

Ian Edginton and Matt Brooker (D'Israeli) were extremely busy signing and chatting all day, but, as Ian himself pointed out, a lot of that may have been due to the reflected glory from their next door neighbour at the show, Mike Mignola. Crowds for Mike on the Saturday were huge. So much so that by Sunday a strict roped off queueing area had been made on the show floor.

Ian & Matt sharing a table signing and having fun.
Exactly how long has Ian been practicing that look?

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