Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birmingham Comic Show 2007 Part 6
Meet the pros .....

More photos of the various artists and writers aroud the show ....

Andi Watson was as lovely as ever, even remembering that I was living up in Yorkshire. Which was nice. Now go and read his books. Glister #2 is out soon.

Lovely Andi Watson

Kevin Nowlan was politeness and hospitality personified. I was queing up for a photo and heard him comment to several people in front that he was afraid he'd only have time to sign stuff rather than do sketches as he and his wife badly needed to get lunch (it was 4 o'clock at this point, so I'm thinking it was a really late lunch). As always seems to happen a queue of three became a queue of ten, most of them clutching sketchpads and looking expectant. Lunch was forgotten, Kevin Nowlan got out his pens and smiled and chatted and sketched his way through the hunger whilst his wife got a quick snack for them both. A genuinely lovely man.

Kevin & Deanne Nowlan

Mike Carey in writing mode in the coffee bar.

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