Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birmingham Comic Show 2007 Part 7

Standing in line for Kevin Nowlan I was pleased to finally meet Laura Howell. (pictured below with another of Birmingham's finest Lew Stringer)I knew she was at the show as I'd asked Hunt Emerson earlier about her whereabouts. But hours of wandering hadn't managed to find her. So it was a pleasant surprise to see her stood behind me in the queue. She's very busy at the moment and showed me the fantastic pages for her brand new solo Beano strip. Coming soon. Details as soon as she can on her website.

Laura Howell & Lew Stringer.

And that was it. The second Birmingham Comic Show was over. A grand time had been had by all. Roll on BICS 2008.

One last photo....... Please smile Mr Joker.......

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