Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bogged down with this work stuff .......
anyone fancy making a vector diagram of the olympic stadium?

I've said before how the one downside to having the perfect job doing ICT at my primary school is that I really can't leave it behind when I leave at night.
Unfortunately a lot of big projects have come up that all need doing pretty much immediately.
Redesign the reports for November,
Write my own job description (should have been done by now)
Create comprehensive internet use, network use, website photo permission documents to go out to parents (should also have been done by now),
Create the next Year 4 ICT module set of lesson plans. (The Year 4 teacher isn't exactly ICT literate and it's easier this way!)
Re-familiarise myself with Powerpoint (which I haven't used for years and years) for Year 6 multimedia presentation lessons.
Completely learn a new Multimedia presentation package for Year 6.

And finally, my favourite and the thing that's been keeping me up for some very late nights (early mornings) over the past few days - Year 5's Vector diagram package. The teacher wants to get the pupils using a vector drawing package to manipulate shapes to make a model of a sports stadium - tying his work nicely in to the History work on the Greeks.
First problem was my hideous unfamiliarity with graphical packages in general - I'm a scientist by trade and a writer by desire. Not a bloody artist. So using grahics packages is always a chore at best and an absolute nightmare at worst.
This was an absolute nightmare.

Eventually I worked out what I wanted to do:
Vectorise this:
Of course, simply vectorising the nbitmap turns out a piece of shit for a drawing. That would be far to easy. So using this as a guide I set about carefully constructing my own vector shapes version.
Creating individual vector shapes for each part - the running track, the javelin run, the shot put area, the high jump etc.
It has taken hours and hours and hours.
But it's done.

Now I've just got all the other stuff to do before going back to school on Monday.
Oh crap, that's just 2 days!!

Luckily Molly's got her friend round this weekend and is pretty much ignoring me - which in this case is good.

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