Saturday, October 27, 2007

CARE International Cartoon auction.....

Joe sends news of the CARE international charity cartoon auction over at Luckner's Auction House.

There are many lots of political cartoons, many of them looking at the global environmental crisis. The auction's in it's early stages, running until 1st November, but there are a lot of very reasonable prices with most of the estimates around the £20-£60 mark. Although obviously with big names such as Ralph Steadman, Nicholas Garland and Peter Schrank the top end estimates go up to £800.

To have a look and bid click here, then register on the site.

Mike Williams - Well, so much for Plan 'A.'
Could be yours for as little as £10 at the time of writing!

Tom Lubbock 2002
£14 and it's yours - but how much higher will it go?

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