Friday, October 26, 2007

Eddie Campbell - Posy Simmonds review
& the claws are out for Bryan Talbot. Ouch

Eddie Campbell puts up a lovely piece praising the wonderful Posy Simmonds, particularly her seminal Graphic Novel True Love
(or, in a nod to Mr Campbell, who doesn't much care for the GN tag - insert preferred description here).
It's a well written, interesting read that should make you scuttle off to Amazon or ebay and snap up some Posy. Or nip down to the comic shop to pick up the next Comics Journal which has a huge Posy interview done by Paul Gravett.

But what will be picked up on in the post, certainly the thing that made me go Ouch will be this snippet:

"Firstly, Bryan Talbot in what was very much his own version of the history of 'comics' recently in the Guardian, credited himself along with Raymond Briggs with introducing the 'graphic novel' to Britain in 1982. Even allowing for the existence of such a thing, that would of course be complete bollocks. Posy's True Love came out in 1981. I'm not putting up a different candidate for primacy, because you know I have no time for that race-to-the-patents-office mentality, but we can't let faulty facts end up in Wikipedia"

And in further news - Here's today's post:

"wait, it's the phone

"hi, honeybee. eh? the blog?"
"yes i've written today's. the public apology to Brian? well, yeah, kind of. And then the one where I start writing about trees from now on and forget all that 'graphic novel' shit.
well, uh...."

Ladies & Gentlemen: Eddie Campbell - always entertaining, always worth reading, both his blog and his work!

In related news - Posy's latest book, Tamara Drewe, is out on 1st November. Perfect Christmas present.

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