Thursday, October 25, 2007

York Ghost Walk ......

Yesterday we surprised Molly with the news that we were off to York to meet up with one of her old school friends and go Ghost Walking.
Very, very excited.

We met up, exchanged gossip and headed off for the walk. Huge group of us, about 30, all thoroughly entertained by the guide Mark Graham, doing his spookiest best, all in black and waving a cane around at various haunted buildings.
It was all very good, and a lovely walk right through York. Mark, it seems, hasn't seen a ghost himself but does have vivid astral dreams. This was recounted on one of his many stops along the way.
He was a great storyteller, with a voice dripping in Barnsley accent much like the wonderful voice of poet Ian McMillan. But he didn't give us enough, personally I wanted more scares, more tales and much more detail about the dark goings on.
But it was a great way to spend a couple of hours in York. (a more detailed review of the Ghost Walk - from a Boston travel site of all places is here).

Starting point - The King's Arm. One of the first places to flood whenever the Ouse rises. Allegedly they don't close until the water is over the bar.


Nope, just Molly.

Wrapped up and happy as could be.

A rather shaky shot of the Ghost Walk crowd.

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