Sunday, October 28, 2007

Miss Molly wants a doggie .......

Molly wants one of these

Molly's desperate for a dog. Ever since she's moved up here she's seen all of the dogs around the place and become more and more obsessed with them. Of course, we've pointed out to her that there's absolutely no chance of getting a dog because it just wouldn't be fair to get a dog since both Louise and myself are out at work all day.

Or one of these

And bless her, she understands this.
And being a very smart little girl she's already sorted out exactly how she's going to get round this small problem.

Grandma and Grandpa will move up to Pocklington.
Since they're retired they can get a dog.
And because they're not able to walk the dog, that will be her job.
A perfect solution. At least in Molly's mind.

Or him. She'd love him.

So in the meantime we keep looking at all of the dogs around and putting them into those two important categories: real dogs and silly dogs.
Real dogs are cool. Silly dogs are those stupid yappy things dressed in doggy jumpers and carried around in some dumb woman's arms.

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  1. At least she's put some thoughts into it so it isn't just a passing fancy as it can be sometimes for kids. Shame she didn't want a kitty, then you wouldn't have to worry about being out at work since they're a bit more independent (except when they want company, attention, food, warmth...). Are there any dog homes near you, mate? If so maybe you could occassionally do some volunteer walking some weekends, let her get used to it and have a 'part time' dog at the same time. My mate uses this approach when he is looking for a new dog.