Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Mollyless weekend .......

This weekend we've been practically Mollyless. She's had her friend Grace over for a sleepover and the house dynamic has changed completely.

Usually Louise and I are actively involved with stuff Molly does, even though she's a pretty independent and resourceful sort who can keep herself occupied for ages, it's still nice for her to play with us.
But almost as soon as Grace arrived we completely lost our daughter. Suddenly we realised what it's like for families with more than one child. Two small people manage to keep each other perfectly entertained for hours it seems.
Now I'm not fooling myself that this is normal for houses with more than a single child. I imagine that most of the time the house is reverberating with the screams, cries, moans, whines and generally whinging of children falling out and arguing. But for us, borrowing the occasional child for a weekend seems to be a really nice way of occupying Molly.

I wish I could say that having Grace over to keep Molly occupied has meant a nice relaxing weekend chilling out in the house and unwinding. But it hasn't. It's been a very frantic weekend of school work to top off an equally frantic week of school work. There's so much stuff to complete for the first week back and sadly it's all been taking longer than it was meant to. Bah. Overcomplicated things.

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  1. "Two small people manage to keep each other perfectly entertained for hours it seems."

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!