Saturday, November 03, 2007

Amazing how you discover new music nowadays isn't it?

Looking online for an example of trad folk music and clog dancing for use at school. They're doing a Christmas production with some of the children doing the 12 days of Christmas with suitable music for each day:
3 French Hens - Can Can
5 Gold Rings - Chariots Of Fire
6 Geese A Laying - Dambusters theme

And I'd been asked by the teacher if I could find her something Eight Maids A Milking. Her exact words were - "A Clog dance, pattern dance, traditional folk music - like a Farmer Giles type thing"
You get the idea.

Type in "Clog Dance" to You Tube and five results down is Kerfuffle Clog Dance.
Well I watched and was intrigued enough to have a look at some more of their stuff. It's really, really good. Trad Folk Music, Clog dancing, Good beats worked in as well. And it looks like they'd be fantastic live - wonder if they're playing any folk festivals around here this coming summer?
Funny old thing this internet, creates links and trails where you'ld never dream of going before.

Kerfuffle website
Kerfuffle: Twisted at Shrewsbury Folk Festival:


  1. Hi Richard,

    Tom Sweeney of Kerfuffle here; we try to keep an eye out for mentions of us on the net :)

    We're playing the Courthouse Theatre in Otley on Saturday 24th November if you're interested. Other dates can be found at

    Glad you're enjoying us :)

  2. Now that's someone with their eye on the net!

    Otley sadly is a little too far out from Pocklington - maybe get into uch with Pocklington Arts Centre - I'd be first in line!
    Otherwise, I'll be keeping an eye out for you over this way.

  3. Chris6:53 AM

    Kerfuffle are getting closer. How does Knaresborough sound on Fri June 20th?

    Best wishes